It is important for everyone that your child settles well, so that they are happy and can play and learn properly. We have a policy to help staff and parents achieve this together.

It can take longer for some children than for others and parents should not feel worried if their child takes a while to settle. Parents are asked to encourage their child to bring a comfort item with them to nursery as this is likely to help with settling in.

We operate a keyworker system, each child is assigned a key worker and buddy when they start, their role is to ensure that your child’s care is tailored to meet  their individual needs, and offer a settled relationship within the nursery setting.

We understand that your priority as a parent is to find the best nursery that your child can flourish in and develop as an individual.

Our ethos is to create a positive and motivating experience that will, in turn, play a major role in your child's future learning and development.